Veterans Healthcare & Computer Programs (Approved VA Program)

Americation Career and Training School Is an Approved Veterans School

Veterans Approved Schools in New Jersey


The program is designed to train the candidate is various fields of allied health making them open to more opportunity and avenues in the today¿s job market. A graduate of this program can look for different jobs depending on the concentration chosen. Medical Assistant Skills Content Includes:
1. Clinical Medical Assistant Skills
2. Phlebotomy Technician Skills
3. EKG Technician Skills
4. Medical Billing & Coding Skills
5. Electronic Health records Skills
6. Administrative Medical Assistant Skills
7. Medical Software / Insurance Skills Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant:
8. Rehabilitation Therapy Skills
9. Patient Care Technician
10.Restorative Aide Skills The Student may become eligible for 10 different National Certifications at the completion of the program by the American Education Certification Association Exam.

At the completion of the course, the students will have a broader area of job search which may include medical, rehabilitative and administrative skills.