If you are unemployed or have lost your job because of company downsizing, you may be eligible for a training grant through the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ LWD).  If you qualify, a number of training programs may be available to you at no cost. 


In order to determine if you are eligible for a training grant, please contact  your local New Jersey One-Stop Career Center.   One-Stop Career Centers are located by county throughout New Jersey.  Your local One-Stop offers free employment services to help you develop the skills necessary to find a job.  Employment counselors will work with you to review your career options based upon your current skill set.


Five Steps to Training for Workforce Grant-Eligible Applicants

  1. Contact your local New Jersey One-Stop Career Center as soon as possible to determine your eligibility and to begin the process to apply for a Workforce Grant. They are eligible for WDP, WIA, ARRA, TRA, DVR and similar funding .(  NJ Training Opportunities website).
  2. Review the eligible programs listed in our programs .  Please contact us with your questions to get more detailed information about the program(s) that interest you.
  3. Once you have been instructed to prepare for a one-on-one meeting with your One-Stop employment counselor, please contact us at phone:- 973-642-4160, Fax:- 973-642-4162 admin@neihusa.com
  4. When your training grant has been approved by your One-Stop employment counselor, we will give you or send a Letter of Acceptance.
  5. Upon receipt of your Letter of Acceptance, your One-Stop employment counselor will provide us with a contract for your training.  Once we receive the contract, the registration process begins.  

One-Stop Career Centers

New Jersey's One-Stop Career Centers are staffed with qualified professionals to assist you in assessing your skills, obtaining employment, and offering training programs.  For more information on your eligibility for training grant funding from NJ Employment and Training, please contact your local One-Stop Career Center.


Contact Information

For assistance to begin this process or for assistance along the way, please contact:

Phone: 973-642-4160
Fax: 973-642-4162