Financial Assistance

Americation Career and Training School Offers Numerous Payment Options


Financial Assistant is given to every student ,regardless of their credit score.


The TUTION FEE can be paid in installments ,


  • Weekly Installments
  • Biweekly Installments
  • Monthly Installments


All our payments plans are at 0% Interest.


Our expertise is, and always has been, providing tuition financing for students.




Most of our students are eligible for payments plans.




Students are eligible for payments plans interest free.  @ 0% interest




No credit check required




Payment plans varies according to the length of the program.




Payment plans can be weekly or monthly




Every student will be eligible for payment plan, regardless of their credit score




Monthly and weekly installments have to be paid on time, as decided during the contract





Please ask school counselor for more details or email


Completion Certificate will be given to the student upon complete payments of tuition installments of the program.